Crozier, William

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Irish painter, William Crozier was born in Yoker, Glasgow in 1930. He studied at Marr College from 1942-1948 and then at the Glasgow School of art from 1949-1953 where he graduated with a degree in painting and drawing. Upon settling in London in 1957 he gained notoriety through his exhibitions at the ICA, Arthur Tooth, and Drian Galleries. Throughout the 1960s, Crozier taught at the Bath Academy of Art, the Central School of Art, the Studio School of Art in New York, and finally completing his teaching career he became head of the fine arts department at the Winchester School of Art. In 1991 the Crawford Art Gallery collaborated on a mid-career retrospective.  His paintings maintained a focus on landscapes, ultimately weaving together contemporary and abstract ideas. William Crozier died in 2011. 

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