de la Concha, Felix

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Felix De La Concha is a Spanish painter born in León, Spain in 1962, but has been residing in Pittsburgh since 1997. Since graduating from the University of Madrid in 1985, De La Concha has gone on  to participate in the Primera Muestra de Arte Joven, along with select shows across Europe and the Americas. De La Concha is particularly well-known in the Pittsburgh region for his permanent exhibition in the University of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Hall; One a Day: 365 Views of the Cathedral of Learning. By focusing his attention on solitary subjects for extended periods of time, he creates a painting cycle that captures each subject’s iconic perspectives.  De la Concha painted Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning every day for a year.  The finished cycle is hanging at the University of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Hall.  He also spent an entire year painting in perspective Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, as well as a six month residency in 2002 and 2003 painting Clayton, the historic home of Henry Clay Frick.

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