Graham Shearing did it before Ed Ruscha…

In light of Graham Shearing’s FABULOUS Cabinet of Curiosities in our “Curator’s Choice” Show, check out this review in the Financial Times of Ed Ruscha’s upcoming show at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.  “There’s an absurdity in being specific about things that I like,” explains Ruscha, when pressed to say why he chose, for example, four trays of ladybirds over Caravaggio’s “Madonna of the Rosary”.

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8 Tips for Would-Be Art Investors

A recent interesting article in Forbes talks about tips for art investors–we especially like #8: Most importantly, if you want to build an art collection, you should think long term and only buy the things you love.

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Buying Art on the Internet…

Buyers must be careful when purchasing art on the internet–this NY Times article illustrates some of the pitfalls that can occur when a disreputable seller tries to pass off a fake for the real thing online!

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